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Grokapi - A thin client to query Wikimedia traffic statistics from
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For several of our metrics projects (see T100710 or T100088) we end up recoding a way to access data from

We (@PierreSelim and @JeanFred) decided to write a thin client to query this data, and publish it as a Python package that we could reuse from our various projects − and that hopefully others could use too.

We worked using Test-Driven Development and pair-programming.

Code is on GitHub

Cf. T44259: Make domas' pageviews data available in semi-publicly queryable database format

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I did not get around to work on this in Mexico, but I still plan to make it happen :)

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This does not make much sense in the era of the pageview-api (for which @PierreSelim also started a client

This does not make much sense in the era of the pageview-api (for which @PierreSelim also started a client

Nice! Thanks for updating your report.