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Have ReleaseTaggerBot also tag versioned libraries we control
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For example, OOjs UI is a versioned library bundled in MediaWiki core. Right now, @Jdforrester-WMF adds OOjs-UI-next-release to each task as the code is merged. When the release is made, this is converted to OOUI (OOjs-UI-0.11.0) etc. Finally, when the new version of the library is pulled-through to MediaWiki, it's additionally tagged with the MediaWiki release branch so people know when it will hit production.

(This workflow is very complicated and right now only applies to one project, so not necessarily a real blocker.)

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OOjs-UI-next-release is now archived, is this task still valid?

Yes. It's just simpler now – "look for the lowest-numbered open milestone tag and move the task to it", I guess.

That might be something I can write a conduit method for, if it would make things easier for releasetaggerbot