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[Migrated] Persistent crosswiki login for WMF wikis, and interwiki links
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For some of us who do crosswiki work (xwiki spam, and commons work), and much of it, there would be value in having AWB be able to login for all the wikis rather than having to login per wiki, even with a saved account. So some sort of persistent login. If we can get the login, then the ability to add interwiki links in the form s:en:User:Blahblah would add some good portability to these tasks. Sort of things can be adding {{delete}} template, or doing image replacements that fail with CommonsDelinker. @Billinghurst 11:11, 8 March 2015 (UTC)

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@JoshuaJSlone 16:51, 23 March 2015 (UTC) wrote:
I came to request essentially the same thing, though in my case it's that all ''Wikia'' sites share the same accounts.

I am not sure this is even possible. Moreover, if we do this they re might be flags that change. For example, someone IsAdmin in one wiki and not in other. Same for CanDelete, CanMove etc.

(Might be intrested to see how Huggle this this; offerering multi-project log-in and editing. Pinging @Petrb)

@csteipp can you please offer an opinion here???

I'm not too familiar with AWB, but I think it does a login and uses session cookies to maintain the session? To be logged in on all projects, it would need to get/send the CentralAuth cookies too. Or be updated to use OAuth, which is cross-wiki by default.

@Reedy and @Magioladitis, I just wanted to follow up on this. Is this possible to do using OAuth? If this isn't something that's possible, then I recommend we close this.

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