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Partial dumps only for smaller wikis since the beginning of April?
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In two recent dumps updates (May 15, May 29 in case of skwiki), only minor non-fulltext dump files seems to have been created. Pages/articles/histories are of April 9 dump, see

Is this intentional?

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Any thoughts? Pages/articles/histories at /skwiki/latest/ still of April

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Seems to be solved, all skwiki dumps up to date, as of June 05.

Never triaged and never noticed... I'm claiming this after being pointed to it by Teslaton. May was a month of testing, which started late enough that we would not get a complete dump run done. That was due to the shift in the way dumps are run now, in stages across all wikis rather than completing each wiki first before moving on to the next one. Can I give you any more information on this?

Hello Arial, thanks for explaining.

Maybe just an short info for the future - what is the proper way of
reporting here, so that the issue would not pass by unnoticed, as this one?
Should I make any additional action after the creation of new issue/task?

For dump related tickets, you can assign them to me directly. If it turns out you guessed wrong for some reason I can always unassign them.