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WikiEditor is not showing on now
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Hi wikieditor has stopped showing on

To reproduce

  • Then click edit source
  • WikiEditor should show but it doesent

Actual results = WikiEditor doesent show

Expected results = WikiEditor should show.

Problem may lie with my browser but unlikely.

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Yes, it seems to be gone on all group0 wikis. This will have to be fixed before further deployment of 1.26wmf8.

Bringing in @greg here. It took >2 days since deployment of wmf8 to group0 for this to be noticed. I really worry that high-impact issues like this will start to slip through the cracks if the deployment schedule is accelerated.

No JS errors in the console, so it's not clear what is wrong.

Paladox added a comment.EditedMay 30 2015, 12:46 PM

Since Explicitly define module position was not added before it was deployed by time the patch for it was approved wmf8 was already on the wiki. and wikieditor works for me on my wiki latest release from master 2 days ago.

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This was due to rEWED849cbf21736f: Explicitly define module position not being backported to wmf8. I've done so now and the toolbar works on

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