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Limit reply area max-height when using VE editor on Flow
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When writing long replies, the wikitext editor keeps growing up to a certain point. However, the VE editor keeps growing without limits. That makes it hard to use the toolbar actions since they became easily out of the current viewport.

The VE version should have the same limit for the editing are height as the wikitext version does.

Wikitext editor:

height-limit-wikitext.png (495×673 px, 41 KB)

VE editor:

height-limit-ve.png (833×698 px, 50 KB)

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FYI: The source editor didn't have a fixed limit. Rather, it stopped expanding when the form came near the bottom of the screen (well, when it worked :P)
It now isn't limited anymore, but we could easily make it stop expanding at around 30 rows of text, for example.

I assume it doesn't really matter if we bring back the original expand behavior (stop at end op viewport) or just limit how big it can grow (up to a fixed limit), and we can implement whichever proves easiest in both editors?

@matthiasmullie the main issue to avoid is the text area becoming bigger than the viewport because of the related scrolling issues. Reasonable fixed limit should work in most cases, but if making the dynamic limit (based on the viewport) working again is easier, I'm ok with that too.

I agree, the dynamic limit is good.