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Add list of query executions to the query page side-bar
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Currently the user can't access a history of executed versions of a query. See for sketch of what that might look like.

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What if the query is changed between executions? Do we save the version the query that produced each result set?

Yes we already do have revisions - they are saved each time the query is executed :) We do need to expose them.

This request arouse out of a discussion at a workshop. In my drawing, I saw modifications of the same query as branches, while completely new queries formed new top-level nodes. Of course it is difficult to figure out what creates a new query and what is a derivative query, so this may not be possible to do accurately when there is no explicit branching (explicit branching = giving the query a new name?).

It would still be helpful to simply be able to browse through my previous queries and rapidly switch between them. I can imagine that I might want to build up a query by checking two tables and then joining them, or I might be building up a new query and forgotten an earlier result that I want to build on.

Might want to put this in a "history" tab, rather than crowding the query window with a persistent sidebar.

Change 773578 had a related patch set uploaded (by Vivian Rook; author: Vivian Rook):

[analytics/quarry/web@master] Expose history of query revisions

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[analytics/quarry/web@master] Expose history of query revisions