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Create "Catgraph"
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Name: "Catgraph"

Description: "Catgraph is a simple and fast in-memory graph database which supports basic queries such as recursive category search and category intersection search in Wikipedia categories. It backs several tools such as Article List Genartor and DeepCat Gadget The code is located in the following repositories:
Graphserv: the graph processor server component.
Graphcore: the graph processor database component.
Graphcare: Catgraph maintenance script.
Catgraph-service: Service for catgraph.
Catgraph-web: Web frontend/API for Catgraph.
Catgraph-client-php: PHP client for Catgraph.
Catgraph-client-python: Python client for catgraph.
Catgraph-jsonp: JSONP interface for Catgraph.

Extended description and documentation is available on Wikitech."

Type: Component
Policy: Default

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Just from reading the task description above I'd say "Okay, but what's the relation to Wikimedia here?" (I know it's implicit, still...)

Existing Issue reports on Github would get migrated to WM Phab? Should tasks be automatically also under the Wikidata umbrella project and/or WMDE-Technical-Wishes-Team and/or not...?

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@Aklapper I've updated the description to make the relation to Wikimedia explicit.
Also, yes, a Herald rule for the WMDE-Technical-Wishes-Team would be appreciated. Thx!

And, yes, we would take care of migrating existing issues from GitHub and linking to the Phabricator project from there.

Feel free to create the project; I can update Herald

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Requested project Catgraph has been created:

Please encourage interested people to visit the project and to join the project as members, and to subscribe themselves to the project in order to receive updates!

Recommended practices for project and workboard management in Phabricator are available.

And if for some reason you ever want to rename the project, please check the guidelines first.

Catgraph has been added to H31 (see T100640).