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Automatic update of Wikidata items after moving an article with suppression of the landing page
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a sysop moved an article suppressing the landing page, and the relative items on Wikidata (Q18085792 and Q829960) did not update.
So I handled it manually:
Is possible to do it automatically?

The technical request is:
When I am on, and I want to move a page A to a page B, suppressing the latter, is possible to edit automatically
*the item A linking to the title "B"
*the item B removing the interlink to

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Can you please clarify what suppressing the landing page means?

I'm referring to the possibility to automatically delete the existing destination page and replace it with the one you are moving.
To understand this better, is the operation that causes the automatic message MediaWiki:Delete_and_move_reason.

Lydia_Pintscher triaged this task as Low priority.Jun 11 2015, 12:57 PM

Thank you. That's clearer now.
I am setting this to low priority with the assumption that this is not done very often.

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hoo added a comment.Jun 19 2015, 10:44 AM

This is what happened:

hoo@fluorine:/a/mw-log$ zgrep 'Killer Queen' archive/UpdateRepo.log-20150*
archive/UpdateRepo.log-20150603.gz:2015-06-02 10:49:38 mw1012 wikidatawiki UpdateRepo INFO: saveChanges: attemptSave for Q829960 failed: The link [// itwiki:Killer Queen] is already used by item [[Q18085792|Q18085792]]. You may remove it from [[Q18085792|Q18085792]] if it does not belong there or merge the items if they are about the exact same topic. {"private":false}
archive/UpdateRepo.log-20150603.gz:2015-06-02 11:09:38 mw1005 wikidatawiki UpdateRepo INFO: OnDelete: Killer Queen on itwiki exists {"private":false}
archive/UpdateRepo.log-20150603.gz:2015-06-02 15:48:47 mw1258 itwiki UpdateRepo INFO: Couldn't find an item for Discussione:Killer Queen (singolo) {"private":false}
archive/UpdateRepo.log-20150604.gz:2015-06-03 22:23:48 mw1216 itwiki UpdateRepo INFO: Couldn't find an item for Killer Queen (singolo) {"private":false}

In a nutshell: The move couldn't be propagated because the target page was still linked (to Q18085792) and the delete couldn't be propagated because the page did exist (because the other page got moved to the new name). I don't really see how we could fix this without removing the consistency check (that makes sure we only ever unlink pages that don't exist). We could check whether the page id changed, but that's more work (as we don't have any standard mechanisms for that) and could be error prone.

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Yeah we can't remove the consistency check. Sorry :( I hope this is very very rare.