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Get analytics to sign-off on Search and Discovery Event Logging and Hadoop Query requirements
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We have boiled our Q4 requirements down to:

  1. We would like to increase sampling of search to 5% (desktop, mobile web, and both mobile apps [android, and iOS]). They have been at 0.1% to 1% so far. "Napkin maths based on current load projected upwards to 5% suggests it's around 71 events per second."

We plan to run a few daily scripts to extract hadoop log data related to search API requests, but at this point we're not sure what scripts we will want to run. So we are not making any specific requests at this time. We will trust that our scripts will be able to run, and we can be flexible about priorities and timing as needed. We may have harder requirements for Q2 of 2015-2016.

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This is being tracked/discussed by analytics as T103186.

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This is pretty old. Given that we're working quite well in collaboration with Analytics, I'm going to call this resolved.