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Only run Wikibase Zend Jenkins jobs on gate-and-submit
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Changes proposed to mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase triggers four Zend jobs and their HHVM based counterparts.

On mediawiki/core we no more trigger the Zend jobs when a patch is proposed. They are only run on CR+2 (gate-and-submit). It is still possible to trigger the Zend jobs though by commenting check zend on an open patchset. See

I would like to do the same for Wikibase to save processing time. On patch proposal only the hhvm one will run and on CR+2 the Zend ones would be added as well.

That needs some communication to Wikibase devs :-)

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Change 215880 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar):
Zend Wikibase jobs only triggered in gate-and-submit

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Change 215880 merged by jenkins-bot:
Zend Wikibase jobs only triggered in gate-and-submit

Gave it a try on Patchset 13 is a new patch that triggers jobs in the test pipeline (hhvm ones). I then commented check zend which enqueued the change in the Zuul zend pipeline which has the zend jobs.

CR+2 still run both HHVM and Zend jobs.