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Improve awkward handling of link display text ("label") when inserting wiki page, wiki files, or external links
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When inserting a link to an existing wiki page or external link, the display text (= label) in the resulting link is forced as the plain technical string of the page or file, including the namespace etc. For external links on it is shown as "[1]". Changing the link display text (= label) is only possible in a separate steps afterwards. For pages, after saving the link (closing the linking dialog box), it is possible to go into the middle of the current display text (= label), type the correct display text and delete the originally inserted text before and after the corrected text (which is awkward). For external links, displayed as "[1]" I have not managed to change the display text in this way. However, when (and only when) opening the link a SECOND time for editing, a button "add label" appears, allowing to do this. After now showing the full URI, it is again, as above, possible to correct the display text.

SUGGESTION: In linking dialog, always support a second text field for the display text/linking information, both when creating a link and when editing it. Compare how easily and intuitively this is handled in Google docs.

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We are not going to add an input box to the link editor for the anchor ("label"). We've explained dozens of times why this is so in the past.

However, some of your concerns may be met with T91285: Change how link annotations work to actively enter/leave the annotation which will change how link anchor editing works quite significantly.

So you basically say that your usability research shows that google docs have it totally wrong. I find this hard to believe. I cannot really argue this, because you provide no reference to the dozens (i.e. >=24?) times it has already been explained why.

I do wonder whether this is based on scientific usability research involving a reasonable number of normal people? I am afraid the poor adoption rate of the Visual Editor in Wikipedia is not a good argument. I use VE consistently, but I am almost always frustrated by the things which work poorly or not. Mostly completely non-transparent cursor jumps (hard to write a bug report about and I am sure you are fighting these bugs).

I find the present usability rather embarassing, but it seems you disagree. Have you ever tried inserting a link? In gdoc you press Ctrl K (just like people are used in Word) and it works. Why do I have to do it so awkwardly in two steps (if at all) in Wikipedia?