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Localized magic words don't ignore case if containing nonASCII characters
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MessagesXx.php contains $magicWords array of synonyms.

The group of synonyms marked to ignore case ignores the case only if all the
synonyms are ASCII, otherwise not.

Test case:
groups 'revisionday' and 'language' work properly
groups 'uc', 'fullurl' and many others don't - uppercase works properly,
lowercase appears as red link to non-existing template
Tested on cswikipedia 1.9alpha (r17974)

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Just tested and case insensitive magic words do work correctly. Note that many magic words are marked as case sensitive.

They do not. Did you check localized magic words of those I mentioned above?

Excerpt from MessagesCs.php:

'lcfirst' => array( '0', 'PRVNÍMALÉ:', 'LCFIRST:' ), contains non-ASCII char(s)
'ucfirst' => array( '0', 'PRVNÍVELKÉ:', 'UCFIRST:' ),
'lc' => array( '0', 'MALÁ:', 'LC:' ),
'uc' => array( '0', 'VELKÁ:', 'UC:' ),
'padleft' => array( '0', 'ZAROVNATVLEVO', 'PADLEFT' ),
ASCII only
'padright'=> array( '0', 'ZAROVNATVPRAVO', 'PADRIGHT' ),

Tested on w:cs: sandbox:

{{PRVNÍVELKÉ:ěščř}} - OK
{{prvnívelké:ěščř}} - redlink to nonexisting template
{{PRVNÍMALÉ:ěščř}} - OK
{{prvnímalé:ěščř}} - redlink to nonexisting template
{{MALÁ:ěščř}} - OK
{{malá:ěščř}} - redlink to nonexisting template
{{VELKÁ:ěščř}} - OK
{{velká:ěščř}} - redlink to nonexisting template

etc., etc...


{{zarovnatvlevo:12|5|x}} - OK
{{zarovnatvpravo:12|5|x}} - OK

But {{názevserveru}} works, no idea why it is different.

Looks like only where additional params are, it won't work correctly. Magic words without params seem to work correctly though I didn't test all marked case-insensitive.

Created attachment 6406
Use $wgContLang->lc() instead of strtolower in some cases