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Creating Gujarati (Hindu) Calendar
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On Gujarati Wikipedia, I want to use Traditional Gujarati (Hindu/Indian) Calendar. This calendar is different than the translation of Gregorian calendar, it is like Chinese Traditional Calendar, or Islamic Calendar, where each date of the Gregorian calendar has its corresponding traditional date (and month, year). As the calendar is Lunisolar calendar, corresponding dates/days will change every year. For example, you can seeમુખપૃષ્ઠ/ટ્રાયલ_૨૦૧૫, where in the top box, below the wikiglobe, you will see "જૂન ૪, ૨૦૧૫" displayed today, which is derrived by using '[[{{#time: F j}}]], {{#time: Y}}' . I want "જેઠ વદ ૨, ૨૦૭૧" displayed instead of "જૂન ૪, ૨૦૧૫". I am happy to assist in inputting values for the whole year anywhere with their corresponding Gregorian dates, if needed.

Please remember that "જૂન ૪, ૨૦૧૫" (which is Gregorian) is mere translation/transliteration of "June 4, 2015", while the desired value "જેઠ વદ ૨, ૨૦૭૧" is an actual correspnding date according to the Gujarati Calendar.

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No any progress in this?

Aklapper triaged this task as Lowest priority.Jul 15 2017, 12:28 PM

No progress on this. (If there was progress, it would be listed in this task.) Your patches are welcome.

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We of course want to support all currently used calendars, but for instance I'm unable to translate the description of this bug to a specification. is a mess as well.

If you want someone else to have a chance to code what you're asking, please describe the full process to convert a Gregorian date to your desired format, or point out an existing implementation which satisfies your needs? For instance I see and .

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