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Add gather_list.gl_item_count
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Beta: run foreachwikiindblist /srv/mediawiki/all-labs.dblist extensions/Gather/maintenance/updateCounts.php on deployment-bastion done

  • before the patches in parent go live: log in to terbium, create a local copy of add-gl_item_count.sql, run mwscript sql.php --wiki=<wiki> ~/add-gl_item_count.sql done
  • after the patches went live, run mwscript extensions/Gather/maintenance/updateCounts.php --wiki=<wiki>; echo 'wfWaitForSlaves();' | mwscript eval.php --wiki=<wiki> on terbium

This needs to be done for each wiki where Gather is enabled.

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The schema change only affects a few wikis[1] and small tables, so imo it can go out at any time.

When running the updateCounts, monitor replication lag, as usual. Probably fine, again, because the tables are small.

[1] testwiki test2wiki enwiki enwikivoyage hewiki

Deployed schema change.

updateCounts must be run after the code is updated (next Tuesday?) It also needs to be run on beta.

Ran foreachwikiindblist /srv/mediawiki/all-labs.dblist extensions/Gather/maintenance/updateCounts.php on deployment-bastion.

And count: 0 items with lstminitems=1. Seems to work correctly with any parameter > 2 though. Probably somehow related to watchlists...

@Tgr oh yes... what needs to be done here then? Does your recent patch fix this?

Tracked in T102573, let's keep this limited to the schema change.

Ran the scripts on production, verified manually in SQL, seems good.