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Implement 'Announce a new issue' feature for Newsletter extension
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Announce a new issue

  1. Publisher needs to be prepared with a new wiki page - a subpage to Newsletter homepage preferred.
  2. Go to Special:NewsletterManage
  3. Give name of newsletter and title of main page of issue ( which he created in step 1 )
  4. Clicking on 'Announce issue' button should send echo notifications to subscribers (after implementing T101546)

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End result

To view the implementation, go here

Note: Both 'Create Newsletter' and 'Announce issue' features are implemented by the same patch.

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I wont close this as of now, as 'sending an Echo notification' on clicking 'Announce Issue' is not yet implemented.

Hard to test without having subscribers or even a page to browse newsletters. In practice, this task is blocked by T100492.

The features seem to be in place, except one:

Clicking on 'Announce issue' button should send echo notifications to subscribers.

Have you received any notification? I'm not getting any, via web or email. May it has something to do with T103588: Internal error when accessing user Preferences in Newsletter's Labs instance?

Ah, wait, receiving notifications is covered in T101546: Implement 'Receiving notifications from subscribed newsletters' feature for Newsletter extension. Editing this task accordingly.

Well, then this task seems to be completed... although without receiving notifications it is difficult to test it and be sure.

This works and can be tested with notifications.