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common job for all repositories that runs structural linting
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We could use a job triggered by all repositories that would enforce some basic checks. Typically linting PHP/json, i18n banana checker ...

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Seems like the dependencies are backwards here?

Seems like the dependencies are backwards here?

I have set them the over way but seems to me whenever we get that common job implemented that will fix all the blocking tasks :-}

From the CI weekly meeting on Sept 29th 2015.

Seems we could have a central Makefile in integration/config.git. Then have the repositories trigger a single job make-test that would invoke our central Makefile.

The Makefile will automatically detect what kind of commands it can run and do it. For example run npm test when there is a package.json file in the repo.

As this ticket is more about generic checks like is the commit message ok. I created T111181 for the above comment.

Change 242177 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar):
Generic test runner entry point

The rough idea was . However it is nicer for now to have jobs run in parallel.