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Update outdated information in top banner on static-bugzilla subpages?
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I might be overcautious, but seeing that content of static-bugzilla gets indexed by search engines, the current top banner on subpages (e.g. here) might be confusing and contradictive (as you cannot log in anymore, you cannot access your votes or saved searches) for somebody directly ending up on a subpage of static-bugzilla who has not seen the frontpage.

Only if it's not a PITA to mass-change a line in each HTML file (if it is, please decline):

The banner on each page currently says

Wikimedia has <a href="">migrated from Bugzilla to Phabricator</a>. Bug reports should be created and updated in <a href="">Wikimedia Phabricator</a> instead. Please <a href="">create an account in Phabricator and add your Bugzilla email address</a> to it.<br>Wikimedia Bugzilla is read-only. If you try to edit or create any bug report in Bugzilla you will be shown an intentional error message.<br>In order to access the Phabricator task corresponding to a Bugzilla report, just remove "static-" from its URL.<br>You could still run searches in Bugzilla or access your <a href="">list of votes</a> but bug reports will obviously not be up-to-date in Bugzilla.

and could instead say

Wikimedia <a href="">migrated from Bugzilla to Phabricator</a>. Bug reports are handled in <a href="">Wikimedia Phabricator</a>.<br>This static website is read-only and for historical purposes. It is not possible to log in and except for displaying bug reports and their history, links might be broken. See the <a href="">corresponding Phabricator task</a> for complete and up-to-date bug report information.