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Extract exact license info for share a fact cards
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It is currently misleading to have share a fact cards rendering a default CC by SA for all cards, regardless of the actual image license. We need to extract exact license info from

@Vibhabamba, the extracted license would replace the existing current CC by SA field?

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I think we could adopt the same approach as galleries here.

Rationale for licensing in galleries:

I remember running into cases where no license showed up for a lot of images. This is because it can sometimes be tricky to extract it from the file page.
In order to avoid this, we wanted to always have a fall back.
We used icons instead of spelling the icon out because images may have long descriptions. Carrying an icon calls out the license more clearly for the user.

This is the categorization system which we created for galleries.

License_Icon_Legend.png (470×1 px, 18 KB)

Here a set of licenses corresponds to an icon.
If we cannot detect the exact license, we fall back to the third category, which is fair use.

This icon categorization approach is also consistent with what mediaviewer does.
Compare icons for the Van Gogh lead image on ios with desktop mediaviewer.

@KLans_WMF @Dbrant who is picking up this task?
I would like to sync up with Engg.

@Vibhabamba not sure who would pick this up on the iOS side (could be anyone, depending who's available). Maybe sun w/Corey or Bryan.

@KLans_WMF likely this will be moved into the next sprint.

Based on guidance from @Slaporte and discussion with @Mholloway & @Moushira the first immediate step is:

  1. Although we are legally compliant but we could take steps to address user concerns reported on the discussion page for Share a fact
  2. An immediate solution as part of this patch is to get a bit more specific with the license. Instead of the general CC-BY-SA icon, we will present a category icon based on the legend provided, consistent with the gallery UX in apps.
  3. There is no change in the perceived user experience (no delays/ loading indicators etc)
  4. For cases where we are unable to detect a license we will fall back to the Fair use category.

License_Icon_Legend.png (470×1 px, 18 KB)

@KLans_WMF This is no longer blocked by design and can be bumped to the next sprint.

Icons are currently being used in the gallery and should be re-used from there.
Please let me know if you need SVG dupes.

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Can this please be worked on this year? Just because something is legally allowed under fair use or not (I saw that someone mentioned in another ticket that this was legally ok per legal), that does not mean we should do it this way, because we actually have a mission, believe it or not....Sorry, I just don't like to see this ticket reach year 2 on Phabricator.

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