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ParserFunction for Library of Congress Control Numbers (LCCN)
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Author: ui2t5v002

This is similar in concept to the magic ISBN numbers we already have, but I
think a different implementation would be superior.

LCCNs have two forms. Regular form that you would find in books (89-456), and
normalized form, used for machine-readable stuff (89000456).

See for the normalization rules.

We have a template {{LCCN}} to handle them now, but, since we have no string
manipulation capabilities on the user side, it's ugly and hard to use.

The magic ISBN feature is nice, but instead of "LCCN 71-143545" being rendered
directly as a link, I'd rather just have a flexible parserfunction like
urlencode to convert regular form into normalized form. Like
"{{lccn:n78-89035}}" would output "n78089035".

Then the numbers can be used in different ways in different places. The
standard template's link target and display formatting could remain controllable
by users, while the normalized number could be used by itself in
machine-readable COinS tags in citation templates, for instance.

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Severity: enhancement



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{{Template:LCCN}} still seems to fit the bill, and a parserfunction for LCCN in MediaWiki core sounds a bit of an overkill.

I wonder whether this is a wontfix.

(In reply to Quim Gil from comment #1)

I wonder whether this is a wontfix.

I agree. The Lua string manipulation capabilities now available provide the functionality requested by this bug.