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Make Labs NFS alerts paging
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They currently just go to Email, they should be paging.

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Need to figure out:

  1. Who all should be paged?
  2. What's the paging condition?
yuvipanda added a project: Labs-Sprint-101.

@mark suggested getting the catchpoint alerts to be paging instead, which have been far more accurate.

So according to @chasemp, we can make it paging ourselves in the catchpoint portal! I'm also going to have the NFS test email Ops@

Alright, catchpoing SMS alerts seem to work, for me and @coren, but not for @Andrew. Need to make sure it all works.

Need to make it alert only on two consecutive failures instead of one, and verify that @Andrew is getting only NFS emails.

Alright, it's now alerting only on two consecutive failures instead of one, and @Andrew has been moved to a different contact group called LABS-INFRASTRUCTURE which currently only has NFS alerts. Also emails ops@ only for NFS.

@coren @Andrew do you think this can be marked as done now?

I'm not sure I understand the differentiation between the alerts (NFS/others) between the team members. Why is Andrew only getting NFS emails? (or pages?) What is he not getting?

For catchpoint, everything else is toollabs specific (gridengine / redis / webservice issues)

These are paging from icinga now.