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start-nfs script warning message is scary and wrong
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The start-nfs script says to not start if labstore1002 is running. Which, labstore1002 /was/ running but didn't have anything mounted so I ran the script anyway.

The fact that I disobeyed the warning and that was the right thing to do means... something needs to change.

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The message was not wrong; having the other server powered off was the only guaranteed safe way to make certain none of the arrays were assembled in any way, and that the its block cache couldn't possibly hold dirty blocks. There were other situations where that would also be the case, but given the risk (we saw what can happen) the strongly worded message was a good thing.

That said, we've decided against keeping the parallel connections model so the message is now moot: it is physically impossible to have more than one server mess with the shelves anymore.