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Evaluate Releeph for SWAT queue management
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Releeph is a tool for managing pull requests that could possibly be used to manage our SWAT deployments.

This task might be premature (it is a "prototype application", after all), but I'd like to also provide feedback to upstream if there is any to provide.

For development progress, check Move Releeph to Beta.

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Upstream has said a few times that Releeph is basically a FB relic, and usually the party line is don't go near it. But buyer beware it's an interesting setup.

@chasemp: they (FB) use something like Releeph (post-Releeph?) to manage their daily deploys, so I'd be curious if they actually no longer user Releeph or they use something else. Do you know?

I'm under the impression they use it and they were trying to upstream it in phabricator but that effort seems to be stalled.

yeah me too, by relic I meant compared to modern Phab

So releeph is pretty close to what we want but I don't know if it's going to be ready for prime time, any time soon.

I actually think we could just use differential or even maniphest to do this.

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We looked at releeph, it really doesn't seem like it's quite ready and it's not getting a lot of love upstream.