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Thumbnail image on Commons not displayed
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The picture belonging to the Text "Kaiserlicher Bezirk..." is not available. This is a screenshot from the german Wikipedia article about Byzanz:

When I click on it, I get the following message (screen shot):

Please correct the problem.

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Strange. How did I add myself as a subscriber?

Can you link to the article please?

Sorry, I confused Byzanz and Konstantinople (what is essentially the same, but the topic of the article is "Konstantinopel").
The link is:

I cannot reproduce the problem with Firefox 38.

When I click on the image "Kaiserlicher Bezirk zwischen Hippodrom und Hagia Eirene" I get to (without MultimediaViewer) or to (with MultimediaViewer).

Both display the image which URL is (which is the same as in your error message).

Which browser is this about?

What is the exact error message that you get when manually accessing

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Now the picture is displayed. Did you change anything?
I used the Safari browser under Mac OS 10.6.8.
The browser Firefox shows the same picture.
Thanks for resolving the problem!

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Could have been a network error, or a one-time error on the scalers, such as a timeout.

The deeper issue is that the error reports are not so useful, they should at least include the HTTP status. Filed that as T101855.

Hi there,
It wasn't a one-time error. I tried it several times and the error persisted.
Also, Safari is a very stable browser.
I don't know how your documents are linked together. If this is done via an SQL database, perhaps unexpected duplicate search results are possible (dependent on the key structure). In this case, a program may have misinterpreted the error feedback from the database (if a singleton SELECT was intended) and it may have taken as the expected query result row what it found in its memory. Restarting such a program may result in spurious, unrepeatable and seemingly unexplainable errors for other users (if it is multithreaded or using multitasking).

It wasn't a one-time error

See above: Could have been [...] a one-time error on the scalers (emphasis by me). You can with your browser multiple times into a one-time error if that one-time error simply happens long enough...