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Generate fake data for Dash/CiviCRM
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-- this file can be uploaded via civi as filetype engage

-- this can be run after the above step to generate impression data

not going to be the most convincing data to people who look at it every day but probably a good starting point

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Awesome. The only tweak I would suggest is to make the data slightly less realistic. It may cause occasional panic attacks unless the name is like "Rupert TESTES Rupertson".

Not sure where we should deploy this, sounds fine to check into the CRM repo, maybe you can create a new module for this stuff, we can eventually expand it into a more featured test data generator, and exclude from the production branch.

easy as /\(Corporate Gift,[^ ]* \)/\1TEST /

i just put them in a test_data dir for now, lmk if that looks ok, and let's do talk about a proper testing module

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