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Article recommendation experiment: French Wikipedia
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Send recommendations to a subset of French Wikipedia editors.

The test is rescheduled for 2015-06-25 around 9:00am PST.

Here is the checklist for this test to become possible and conclude:

doneCollecting the list of editors to receive recommendations
doneGenerating article recommendations
doneAdd french-recommender campaign
doneprepare and send out village pump announcement.
stagedManual sample quality control for recommendations: are the articles really missing? are the recommendations relevant? ...
stagedFinalizing the body of the email based on internal test feedback
stagedAdding the tutorial/documentation page for CX and linking it from the email
stagedanalysis of the results, identifying potential bugs or must-fixes for the next round of the experiment.

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Change 220071 had a related patch set uploaded (by KartikMistry):
Enable 'frwiki-recommender' campaign in frwiki

Change 220071 merged by jenkins-bot:
Enable 'frwiki-recommender' campaign in frwiki

Some important problems appears on the frwiki recommendation: on the feedback page, a lot of people (based on the total amount of feedback) are complaining about:

  • they don't speak French bu received the email;
  • they are not active on frwp or not since a very long time, or were not active on ns-0

Please review the next batch of emails to prevent this.

Got some complaints from huwiki editors who don't understand why they got this email (they only have a handful of random cross-wiki wikignoming edits on frwiki, some of them have been inactive there for years). What was the selction criteria for the address list?

@Tgr The way the users were chosen is explained here. The issue the users experienced was a mistake on our end not to put the bar high enough for choosing users. We have documented how we have changed this based on user feedback here.