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[Deepcat] adjust error message if the category can't be found
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Adjust the error message if the category can't be found to “Die Kategorie konnte nicht gefunden werden" (en: The category couldn't be found") Right now it says "CatGraph konnte die Kategorie nicht finden" which seems misleading or cloudy for users as they might not know what CatGraph is.

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"CatGraph could not find the category" is precisely what happened if that message is displayed. I see no problem here. If you think users need more information about Catgraph, would be the link to use. If you think our users are too stupid to click a link, you could change the message to "Something Be Wrong" instead.

I think "Die Kategorie <xyz> konnte nicht gefunden werden" is a nice compromise. "Something went wrong" doesn't tell that something about the category was wrong (which can be solved by the user himself) while having "CatGraph" inside the message could be indeed confusing.
Resolved together with @WMDE-Fisch in

would you mind fixing it for the English translation as well? ;-)

@Tobi_WMDE_SW, you realize I was being sarcastic? The 'fix' you just committed makes the error message *less* informative. The original one was more accurate. If you know how error messages should be phrased in the context of the code better than the person who wrote the code, Christoph in this case, maybe you should have written the code instead (and that was, again, not a serious suggestion). Please don't disimprove things.