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Update 'viewsuppressed' permission to allow users holding the right view previous block logs after 'hideuser'
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Not providing here any links due to public bug. However try this scenario.

  • Account A is blocked.
  • Oversighter reblocks later with 'hideuser'
  • All previous blocks on the account dissapear from logs (user block log and special:block snippet).

Best regards.

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Update: I set myself oversight rights in the wiki in question. With that flag I can now view those logs. I think we should then figure out which right does allow viewing those blocks and assign them to the steward group, as a view-only right, in line with the current level of permissions we have. It is annoying to be unable to see previous blocks after hidding...

Update 2: Stewards currently have in their global group the "viewsuppressed" permission, which in theory should allow to view suppressed edits and logs, but not to suppress content or logs w/o assigning OS permissions locally. The capacity to see previous block logs before user suppression should be added to this "viewsuppressed" right IMHO.

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From what I can see, you just need deletedhistory and viewsuppressed to view suppressed logs of previous blocks. Both these rights are assigned to stewards globally so stewards should actually be able to view suppressed logs through Special:Log. In addition, you also need suppressionlog right to view the previous block entries (in addition to hideuser block log entries) when viewing a blocked user through Special:Block.

I was not able to reproduce the issue reported in this bug locally but I did discover another bug which prevents users with viewsuppressed right from seeing the log extract of previous block entries from Special:Block. It's currently coded to just look for suppressrevision (probably an oversight from the split of it to two separate rights).

Could you check again whether you can view the block log entries of normal blocks for suppressed-blocked users through Special:Log without being a local oversighter? If you are not able to see it, then I am probably missing something.

Change 217499 had a related patch set uploaded (by Glaisher):
Allow users with 'viewsuppressed' to view when limitTitle()d

Change 217499 merged by jenkins-bot:
Allow users with 'viewsuppressed' to view when limitTitle()d

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I believe you specified a target when checking the logs and this would call LogPager::limitTitle(). As limitTitle() just looked for suppressrevison until the above patch, it wouldn't show the logs of previous blocks when the target is specified. I didn't specify a target when I checked so I wasn't able to reproduce this bug before.

Per above, closing this. Please reopen if you believe the issue is not fixed.

Thank you. Is this change already live? I went ahead to check without local oversight rights and still fail to be able to see:

  • on Special:Block, the previous block log entries (in spite of the system saying "changed block settings")
  • Ídem on the personal block log of the user.


No, it will be live next week. It'll reach Meta-Wiki on next Wednesday. See (1.26wmf10)

Krenair added a comment.EditedJun 11 2015, 6:34 PM

Well, it's live on some people's development wikis if they have an up-to-date copy of master, but it won't go to WMF's production wikis until 1.26wmf10:

Remember that this is a MediaWiki core-or-extension task, which means it will be resolved and only then will your system administrator(s) eventually get the patch to your wiki, at their own pace.

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