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Identify user usage of links for partner resources, and map frequency and impact per user
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From Sam Walton: The third feature, which really isn't as important as the first two but is something we'll be looking at down the line anyway, is the ability to tie links added to the users who added them. We would like to add a kind of library card platform ( in the future, with one of the features being the display of how individual users have used their sources. If this is possible then that would be great, but as I said the first two features are the ones we would find most useful.

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We previously had discussed doing something like this with a Linkypedia V 2, but because of EDSU's new job, and questions about how to do the linkypedia project within the university research environment of MITH, we didn't follow through on that. Here are the notes from the Linkypedia V2 conversation.

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@Sadads As with T102065. New methods and new scope means I'll open new tasks.