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Link to user contributions page on the user page
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Currently the only way to get to the user contributions page [1] is via the user profile [2] which we want to get rid of.
We should move this link somewhere else.

An obvious place seems to be at the top of the user page [3].
Once this is done, it would seem from discussion on T85929 that the user profile serves no more purpose and can be removed (if there are other purposes please be sure to capture them in other bugs).


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@Jdlrobson @Florian @MSyed
Based on discussion with @JKatzWMF and @Vibhabamba, we don't want to get rid of user profiles. We want to improve them, but don't have the bandwidth to do as a big project. (Though @MSyed has done a lot of design work on this).
Instead we want to work on small improvements until we can start a full project.
I started a task to track those - mostly empty now T103602

@Jdlrobson sorry I didn't see the recent discussion in that task. I think we should go forward with your suggestions actually, but have to check with Vibha and Jon Katz

@KHammerstein As far as I know, @JKatzWMF is fine with killing the User profiles when a link to contributions is visible on existing user pages and non-existing user pages opens the "readlink drawer"[1][2]. So let's find a good position for the user contributions link here, other discussions can be made in T85929: [EPIC] Kill SpecialUserProfile or Move MobileFrontend extension's Special:UserProfile.php and related code to a separate MediaWiki extension :)

[2] I think, sorry Jon :), that he doesn't have a lot options, community consensus is, that the actual Special:UserProfile doesn't provide the features it should to replace user pages, and if there wasn't a 180° rotation in the planning (and we have a full project for a user profile now), we should kill Special:UserProfile in order to start a new, well-thought project in the future, when there is time and effort to make a much nicer (and more useful) product :)

This task is marked as good first task. Would this be potentially a Google-Code-In task for a contributor, and can someone imagine mentoring this?