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Decide what to do with Special:Uploads
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Description [1] was an artifact from the mobile uploads days and with the removal of Special:UserProfile it becomes an orphan page not being linked to from anywhere.

The page is an infinite scrollable list of all the things you've ever uploaded, a feature that doesn't seem to exist elsewhere on mediawiki.

Depending on whether the page is useful or not we have the following options:

  1. Move to core as is
  2. Fold functionality into an existing page. e.g. Special:ListFiles - adding infinite scroll and mobile styling
  3. Delete from MobileFrontend
  4. Link to the page from somewhere else in the UI (possibly on the multimedia viewer username [2] when you open an image to see other images by that user)


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This is a duplicate of Special:ListFiles. Probably we should add a option to Special:ListFiles to allow showing files like Special:NewFiles (and like current Special:Uploads in mobile view).

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Why not create an optimised upload page for mobiles to upload content.

@Paladox: Task description says "was an artifact from the mobile uploads days". This task is about deciding what to do with Special:Uploads (see topic). Discussing an "optimised upload page for mobiles to upload content" is a very different topic and not the topic of this task. Please use mailing lists for discussing general ideas.

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Listfiles looks a good fit but it does only show uploads on the current wiki. Ideally we would show uploads from the foreign wikis too. Is there any reason Special:Listfiles currently doesn't?

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Listfiles looks a good fit but it does only show uploads on the current wiki. Ideally we would show uploads from the foreign wikis too. Is there any reason Special:Listfiles currently doesn't?

As a core special page, it should be generic and not too intertwined with WMF's config.

It might make sense to add hooks to it, and do that as part of GlobalUsage extension.

Having Listfiles only show uploads from the current wiki is actually important for some use cases. For example, I've used it to review my old uploads to to see which ones should be transferred to Commons. Perhaps there could be an option to include foreign wiki uploads as well.

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@Nirzar - thoughts on this?

AFAIK the Uploads link from user page goes to special:uploads

It's one thing that we need to improve user page header (which has alignment issues as you can see) and other issue is to improve special uploads. but i don't think we should get rid of it.

If we have someone who can volunteer their time, I can work on the design to bring our page template to both(user, uploads) special pages.

@Nirzar we're wondering if it makes sense to resort to a styled version of Special:ListFiles instead. This only shows local uploads to that wiki (not commons) and is a little more powerful. It would mean less code for us to maintain in MobileFrontend.

@Jdlrobson oh i missed that bullet point. we will need to get that in shape. It needs work on interface. special uploads is not broken because there isn't anything that can be broken :) I would like to work on listfiles before we make it the default? otherwise the plan sounds good.

Yup of course... but with the slight caveat we'd need to be careful not to disrupt the appearance on desktop since many editors will notice and are not likely to be happy even if the slightest thing changes there.. if we want anything more radical we'll need to get some community liason help :)

@Jdlrobson, @Nirzar - I think we can brainstorm solutions and if something a bit drastic is the first solution, we can talk about approaching the community

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This doesn't seem like a request for a new extension?

Also on the styling front, we just need to merge Special:ListFiles conversion to OOUI, see T117743. The table presentation of results should generally be amended IMO.

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@Samwilson is working on updating Special:Upload so I'm wondering if there is an opportunity to refactor Special:FileList in the process.