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http error 500: Internal Server Error & 'premature end of script headers'
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Author: martinpre

Installion was fine, but after that when i want to browse the wiki, there comes
a http error 500 and the error log says 'premature end of script headers'.

The rights are alright, the package also (tested by localhost). I also uploaded
every file and i checked every time the ASCII/Binary thing.

A very strange thng is that i can't access index.php?title=Hauptseite but i can
access all special pages and pages without any content. Editing also doesn't work.

The server uses

  • MediaWiki: 1.8.2
  • PHP: 5.1.6 (cgi)
  • MySQL: 5.0.27

More information about the server configuration can be found at
And i use the German version.

Version: 1.8.x
Severity: critical
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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Can you try the workaround described in bug 8041 ?

martinpre wrote:

I'm only a client of a big hoster and I can't change tht php installation.
Maybe he can update to 5.2. I will report my experiences if he do.

The suggested workaround is to change wfGetCaller() function in
GlobalSettings.php, not to upgrade PHP. :)

martinpre wrote:

But it also should solve the problem or did i understand something wrong?

martinpre wrote:

OK, should it look like this?

function wfGetCaller( $level = 2 ) { // <--- CHANGED BECAUSE OF BUG!!!!
/* $backtrace = debug_backtrace();
if ( isset( $backtrace[$level] ) ) {

		if ( isset( $backtrace[$level]['class'] ) ) {
			$caller = $backtrace[$level]['class'] . '::' . $backtrace[$level]['function'];
		} else {
			$caller = $backtrace[$level]['function'];

} else {*/

		$caller = 'unknown';

// }
return $caller;

This doesn't work :(

martinpre wrote:

Oh the FTP program asked me if it shoul overwrite it or not *shameonme*

Now it works :)

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 8041 ***