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Add the Creator possible template on commons
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Commons uses a template called creator for people who are Authors, Artists, Sculptors and creators of things to the Biographical category for the individual.

It would be helpful if AWB had logic to add {{Creator possible}} for articles that do not contain it or {{Creator}} for the biographical categories. See for more info about this task.

For example, if Category John Smith contains Category:Sculptors from Norway and does not already contain either the Creator or the Creator possible template, add Creator possible.

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This sounds more like a bot task.
What's the problem to define this function in customized settings file and to load it each time when it's needed? I see at least two ways to do this job: Advanced settings -> new rule -> if page containns some category(ies), via a regex expression prepend or append whatever you want, including {{Creator}}; even simplier would be to this via "More" tab -> append/prepend combined with "Skip" tab -> Contains/Doesn't contain (a category name string). Or write a specific plug-in.