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Find alternative solutions for video project's use of NFS
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One of our biggest and most legit users, stake out alternative possible solutions.

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My main usage of Disk space is Temp storage for videos while transcoding. I remove them after the upload to commons is done.

The second use case is local tooling and typical users home directory stuff such as pywikibot clone, local scripts, working dir files etc.

Here is the life cycle of an upload of a video:

  1. download from video site - requires storage
  2. transcode - requires storage
  3. upload to commons
  4. delete

I will move to be using /data/scratch for the main video transcoding. other activities will remain within my home dir.

@Matanya can I kill everything except /data/scratch then? Do you still want the ~2T of data in /data/project?

I still need that data. until i figure out how to upload those files given commons limitation.

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It's been a LONG time since this got any attention; @Matanya can you advise about what can be done with the NFS mounts?

@Matanya: Could you please answer the last comment, if you have some time? Thanks a lot in advance!