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Replace tracking bug T30486 by new project tag "Wikimedia-Incubator"
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I do not think this should be a tag but instead a normal component:

I disagree. The things to track for community changes related to or wanted by the Wikimedia Incubator are likely to fall outside the scope of fixes to the Wikimedia Incubator extensions. That said, there's not a great deal of push.


@Hydriz renamed this project from MediaWiki-extensions-WikimediaIncubator to WikimediaIncubator.

This clearly explained the possibility that one project handles both the extension and the site that exclusively use that. So it's likely only stucked by DannyB

Even though I renamed it before, but I now realize that it would be better to create two distinct projects instead. Perhaps we can adopt something similar to Wikidata where the WikimediaIncubator extension is just one component of this umbrella project.

@Aklapper Can we go ahead with this? It would be great to track Incubator site-specific tasks separately.

Sure, feel free to go ahead. See

I'd prefer to call this project to make it clearer it's about the website and not about the extension codebase.

@Aklapper Any place for me to request for batch-editing rights?