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Migrating existing templates to new PageBanner extension
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Given I have a banner defined via a template on the page and I have not used the {{PAGEBANNER}} magic word then no default page banner should be shown. This will allow editors a clear path to redefine banners using the PageBanner extension.

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This will be easily done by adding a config variable $wgShowDefaultBanner and adding a check for it where default banner is added. I'll add a patch this week.

Change 224089 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sumit):
WikidataPageBanner prefix class names with wpb-

It seems that migration is easier than thought, a simple modification of, to add a call to {{PAGEBANNER}} inside would do the trick. Since Template:Pagebanner is already used on English wikivoyage's pages, no modification of individual pages may be needed. See this example template which uses the extension to render a banner on

Change 224089 merged by jenkins-bot:
WikidataPageBanner prefix class names with wpb-

This will happen after deployment.

Deployment is done. Who's planning on doing this part?

@kaldari, testing of banners from wikidata still needs to be done, on a few select pages, after which the decision to migrate all pages to use the extension would be taken by the community. See T108839