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Investigate NFS use in services and services-testbed project
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Currently, /home and /data/project are shared across all instances of the design project, allowing files to be shared easily across instances. This however, comes at a cost of less reliability - your instances are unavailable during NFS outages (this is the most unreliable part of all of labs), home directory access is slower, etc. It also makes Yuvi Sad.

Additionally, there's the /public/dumps mount that provides readonly access to wiki dumps, and /data/scratch which is a labs-wide scratch NFS mount. Ideally all four can be removed :)

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You can throw NFS in the rubbish bin for us, no worries.

We would (probably) need a way to have at least one instance access to dumps. That also includes the possibility of allocating a much bigger disk space to the htmldump instance. AFAIK, it is still used for testing, but @GWicke and/or @ArielGlenn might know better for that one.

/data/project is not really used.

I don't do testing over there; @GWicke ?

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Done now and all instances should be recovered now.