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Investigate and potentially move off NFS in the 'visualeditor' project
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Currently, /home and /data/project are shared across all instances of the design project, allowing files to be shared easily across instances. This however, comes at a cost of less reliability - your instances are unavailable during NFS outages (this is the most unreliable part of all of labs), home directory access is slower, etc.

Additionally, there's /data/scratch which is a labs-wide shared space, and /public/mounts which is a public readonly mount of wikimedia data dumps

Ideally, I'd love to get rid of all of them - your project gets more stable, Yuvi gets happier, win-win!

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I know that parsoid-spof can go completely once the deb repository on it (which serves the parsoid deb) is moved elsewhere. The actual files for that repository live in my home dir (/home/gwicke), which currently is on NFS. If /home/* was copied to local instance storage then NFS could definitely be removed from that instance.

As for the other instances: @cscott should know more about the towtruck instance.

The towtruck instance hosts the togetherjs hub used in my Visual Editor Collaboration demos.

I don't actually remember the NFS config; @MarkTraceur helped me set that up once-upon-a-time. I'm pretty sure it's using NFS because whatever else was the default (glusterfs) was horribly broken.

So I'm inclined to just get rid of all the NFS mounts, giving people local homedirs, and just copying @GWicke's homedir off NFS on to parsoid-spof.

@yuvipanda, +1 from me. @ssastry, any objections?

+1 .. I don't use any of that space myself, and looks like you already covered the deb hosting issue.

Gwicke rescued the files he needed onto parsoid-spof, and the rest have been unmounted now. I also fixed puppet in the towtruck instance for @cscott :)