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making two consecutive words bold in VisualEditor could be optimized by making them both bold
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I created it in VE, wrote "one two", selected "one", pressed Ctrl-B, selected "two", pressed Ctrl-B, and saved. The result is '''one''' '''two'''. It could probably be '''one two'''. There is a certain semantic difference, but it looks negligible to me in comparison to the cleanliness of the code, which people who edit in source would appreciate. I'll leave it to the VE developers to decide how desirable it is.

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In general we are very careful not to do things to the user's wikitext just because they probably are OK with it… I'm not sure.

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This is one of those cases where neither solution to the problem is correct, and whichever one we go for will therefore be incorrect in some cases, so changing this would simply be a case of putting the shoe on the other foot. Declining accordingly.