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link categories at the bottom of Special:ContentTranslation to the relevant category pages in the wiki
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Categories that are shown at the bottom of Special:ContentTranslation should link to the relevant category pages in the wiki.

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Change 220993 had a related patch set uploaded (by Amire80):
Link categories to the respective category pages

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It appeared to be very simple, so I just did it.

@Pginer-WMF, is the look and feel acceptable?

Screenshot based on the patch:

Screenshot7.png (160×1 px, 17 KB)

Links open in same tab.

This change makes it hard to add categories to the target article that were removed before.
When a category in the translation is removed (by clicking on the "X"), it can be added again by clicking on the category from the source article. With the change, that action also makes the category to open.

Exploring categories is an interesting aspect to support, but it may need to think a bit more on the design of it to avoid conflicting with the category adaptation process.

Not urgent, just a pet project :)

I added link icons in both columns. Maybe it's better to link the text and add an icon that re-adds a removed category. Whatever Pau says.

Amire80 moved this task from CX8 to CX7 on the ContentTranslation board.

For exploring content, I'd like to keep the behaviour consistent with the rest of links in the translation: keep the elements selected and showing a pair of cards in the tools column representing the source and target categories. I can add more design details (feel free to add the ticket to any upcoming sprint).

Change 220993 abandoned by Nikerabbit:
Link categories to the respective category pages

Will do again as a planned task.

NOTE: The category widget in translation view is being redesigned, rewritten using OOJS - See T134740: there is no comfortable way to insert a new category in ContentTranslation