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Enable Extension:DynamicPageList (Wikimedia) on Hindi Wikipedia (hiwiki)
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Rationale behind the request is that we need several sortable lists from categories for creating "Open Maintenance Tasks" for our community page. But we don't have such Bots (or Bot creators) to complete this task, and thus, we really need this Extension desperately as the work is hurdled due to this lack!

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DynamicPageList runs heavy queries on the database. Only it's possible to enable it on small wikis.

I am aware that it is basically used by wikinews but the reason behind this request is that we don't have any other alternatives. And we are not a large wiki!? I also believe, it is the number and kind of lists created using this extension which will decide how much load it exerts on the database.

May be you can ask to help in bot creation and issues related to it to @Ladsgroup?

Glaisher set Security to None.

maybe I can help, tell me what you need exactly, given that I can't read or understand Hindi and I will do it :)

@Ladsgroup ! Thanks for your kind response! All we need is to get a list of articles from a choosen category and display that list on a project page. Number of such categories is about 20 from which we have to get such lists (one from each category) and maximum number of articles to be listed at an istant would not exceed 100. Also, we need to sort this list by creation date or by the date it was added to the category.

I think this task has no issue of understanding Hindi. Link to
my hindiwiki talk page is here!

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Ping performance team for advice.

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Ping performance team for advice.

Per T124841, the way the extension is currently implemented makes it a performance hazard, so we can't enable it as-is.

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Any Update Since The Req is very Old.

Please see the last comment T102821#2073303. (Age of a task never matters.) Thanks :)