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User can't login on Phabricator: mwoauthdatastore-callback-not-found
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A user reports on #wikimedia that they are unable to login on Phabricator with their Wikimedia account (successfully logged in at least on; an errror <mwoauthdatastore-callback-not-found> is shown.

The desktop site was used, through the default browser of a Samsung/Android tablet.

Phabricator search fails me but other search engines brought me to the perhaps tangentially related T74654.

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CC'ing @mmodell, no idea if related to hotfix for T102276

There isn't really enough info here to diagnose this problem. I need to at least have the phabricator username. Also, that error message is a mediawiki error message not a phabricator error, and I don't have a clue what combination of circumstances would lead to it.

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I believe this is no longer happening.