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more on-wiki alerts about breaking API changes (https-only, continue)
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The change to https broke a couple of bots,
the change to continue behavior due 30 June to 2 July will break more.

I think these API changes should be communicated on MediaWiki main page, API main page, and probably other channels I'm unaware of.

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Probably the list of "important" would welcome an update so I've asked for that on wikitech-l and also asked whether *gadget* maintainers have been contacted (as Sitic on de.wp came up with a query for such gadgets).

I think @Elitre is working on the communication of this API break?

This change was announced for months in appropriate venues like mailing lists and Tech News. Despite this, some liaisons decided to spread the word even further on wiki. Wikis which received any kind of notification or are known to be aware of the change are (in some cases, in the wiki's language):
#ru .wp
We don't plan further on-wiki announcements for this change.

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@Elitre: Thanks for sharing that list. Highly appreciated!

So I'm going to close this task as resolved. @Spage: If your missing specific steps to communicate those changes more widely, please reopen and elaborate.

Thanks everybody!