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db1002-db1007 - decom or repurpose?
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db1003.eqiad.wmnet has unknown status. i noticed it when running puppet on all db servers for a ganglia switch:

puppet is disabled:

Notice: Skipping run of Puppet configuration client; administratively disabled (Reason: 'reason not specified');
The last Puppet run was at Wed Apr 8 06:59:02 UTC 2015 (103040 minutes ago).

but it's up and running: up 622 days

it's not in Icinga or site.pp , and @jcrespo can't login on it because puppet didn't run to create his account

if you search phabricator for db1003 you will find stuff from the past including T97815 where a disk failed but was fixed (and it says the server was out of warranty)

so let's shut it down and decom or something.. would just waste energy otherwise

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16:39 <springle> db1002 to 1007 need to be decommed
16:39 <springle> iirc
16:39 <springle> or turned into misc