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Scap should restart HHVM
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HHVM was not designed to continue running indefinitely while its code is periodically updated by successive deploys, but that is how we run it currently. The consequence of this is that HHVM's translation cache is eventually exhausted and HHVM crashes.

My long-term view on how we ought to solve this involves switching to RepoAuth mode, with all the changes to our deployment tooling and process that this entails.

Until that time, we should make scap restart HHVM on each application server.

It should work like this:

  1. Sync all files to all app servers, as we do now.

This means that HHVM will start translating and executing the new code before it is restarted. That's not great, but doing it differently would make this a much bigger task.

  1. Send SIGWINCH to Apache on each app server to trigger a graceful stop. Wait for Apache to shut down.
  1. Restart HHVM.
  1. Start Apache.

Steps 2-4 would have to be staggered such that they only apply to a portion of the application server pool at a time. Simply setting a strict concurrency limit for the restart procedure in scap should do the trick.


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mediawiki/tools/scap : masterAdd HHVM restart support

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In a couple of weeks, we will be able to pool/depool hosts from the load balancers with a call.

I think we should use that capability, so that steps 2-4 will be

  1. Depool the server from pybal, wait N seconds

3 Restart HHVM

  1. repool the server in pybal

We can do this pretty easily if we batch the pools/depools, but of course it will need some testing/further work.

(also, lemme add that the pool/depool system comes with a python library, so it can easily be integrated in scap).

Change 219751 had a related patch set uploaded (by BryanDavis):
Add HHVM restart support

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Add HHVM restart support

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scap now has a --restart command line option that will run scap-hhvm-restart across the cluster. The scap-hhvm-restart script that runs on each host will:

  • Run apache2ctl shutdown-graceful
  • Run service hvvm restart
  • Run service apache2 start

When we get the etcd communication bits added and exposed from pybal we can replace the apache2 manipulation with direct etcd communication to de-pool the server that is being restarted.

This all needs more operational testing before we should switch --restart to be the default behavior. It would be trivial to add a new command that can be run from the deploy server that only does the restarts independent from a full scap if that is somehow useful.

@ori did some additional operational testing up to and including using --restart across the entire WMF prod cluster. The restart functionality worked but both icinga and external monitoring services paged during the restart.

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