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add kfrancis to legal-tm-vio mail alias
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Please let me know who the admin is for this list:



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That'd be either an OTRS address or some sort of ops-administered alias

Do you have any visibility on who might be able to add me to the list?

I would expect that anyone with ops permissions on the servers would be able to do it technically.

I put in the request with techsupport but they were unable to add me and
the others on the legal team don't know who the admin for the list is. Do
you have any suggestions for who else might be able to help?

I'm sure the person you assigned can handle it. I don't think these aliases work like mailman lists or google groups in terms of administration.

Dzahn renamed this task from (Request access to mailing list) to add kfrancis to legal-tm-vio mail alias.Jun 19 2015, 9:17 PM
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Hi, done, based on:
and the Staff and contractors page.

-legal-tm-vio: slaporte, ywelinder, rstallman, mbrar, jrogers

+legal-tm-vio: slaporte, ywelinder, rstallman, mbrar, jrogers, kfrancis

If legal is interested you can ask techsupport@ to move this from an ops-controlled alias to a Google alias and get adminship for it so you can control directly when you have changes in the team.