limit: only 1001 entries for the WikiCharts possible
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Author: erkan77

there seems to be a limit of only 1001 entries for the WikiCharts (happens also
with IE7 and Opera 9.02)

see :
higher values result in the display of only 100 entries.
Could there be shown more?

I know that this has no high priority :-)
There are some cases, where this would be useful,
e.g. shortly at the end of month, when there were many page-calls
But since wiki is a people for all, I also would like to see statistics for
pages I am interested, even if the statistic would show 0. Perhaps there can be
implemented a query which shows for particluar page(s) the statistics?

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC

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Toolserver issue -> INVALID for this bugzilla.

Please report to


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[mass-moving wikistats reports from Wikimedia→Statistics to Analytics→Wikistats to have stats issues under one Bugzilla product (see bug 42088) - sorry for the bugspam!]

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