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Explore ideas for advanced collaboration scenarios
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StructuredDiscussions already supports discussions which are useful for collaboration, but we can provide better support for specific collaboration scenarios. This ticket represent an initial exploration of ideas on the following areas (check child tickets for more details):

  • T103081 Collaborative contribution. Discussion and contribution are disconnected. Would it be possible to make it easy to better connect them?
  • T103082 Workflows. Processes defined to coordinate some actions rely heavily on conventions and huge instruction texts. Would it be possible to better support those processes to make them more effective?
  • T103083 Information feeds. Relevant activities take place all over the place. Would it be possible to easily find the information you need to collaborate on a given area of interest?

The purpose of the exploration is to identify possible design directions and illustrate them to initiate the discussion on these different topics. So expect many details to be missing, but feel free to provide feedback and examples of where the proposed approach may work well or may not be able to support.

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