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Midterm evaluation for "Reinvent Translation search"
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Joint N&N assessment:

  • Mid-term goals as outlined in the project timeline are complete: NO. But important unplanned achievements were completed, especially 8583f5b043bedeeb251ea8f6425d4cf95ba01dd3 .
  • MVP is completed and hosted on Labs/elsewhere (some functionality exists and can be used, though not all that was planned; some unplanned improvements to existing functionality were made)
  • Weekly reports are up-to-date and complete (mostly; T100822)
  • The student is in regular touch with mentors (on gerrit and MediaWiki-Internationalization; no regular meeting was set up [yet])

Additional comments: While the mentors were less available than usual in this period due to travels and external commitments, significant progress was made independently studying ElasticSearch features, which proved productive to (make substantial progress to) fix certain outstanding performance issues in Translate/ttmserver. This should also pay back in the second phase, making progress faster on certain hairy issues in search features integration.

The project still lacks a sustainable testing plan, in particular: Nemo was not yet able to set up an own testing environment to test and review the patches; Phoenix is not currently testing a realistic user experience (e.g. English interface language was used so far); multiple patched are worked on at the same time, which is good, but makes it hard to advertise for casual testing by end users (for sure none happened so far, or no feedback was seen).

Evaluation: Pass.

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Divya, see above. :)

Thank you so much @Nemo_bis @Nikerabbit :)


  • Need to work towards testing plan.
  • Provide better Integration of search features.