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Create generic "tox" job that runs multiple environments
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Right now we have individual tox jobs for each environment: tox-flake8, tox-py27, etc. Instead we can consolidate them into one "tox" which runs all the environments specified in envlist.

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Note we will need jobs tied to different Linux Distribution to be able to use the different python version. pywikibot-core is an example.

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Change 241671 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar):
Job to run all tox env on Nodepool instances

Change 241671 merged by jenkins-bot:
Job to run all tox env on Nodepool instances

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I created the job tox-jessie which runs on disposable instances. It runs on Jessie and invokes 'tox'. So any env listed in the tox.ini envlist are run.

I have already switched a bunch of repositories to it.